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Coronavirus Information

We are able to offer all our services under tightly controlled and disciplined conditions to keep both you and our staff as safe as possible.

Rules/procedures for grooming customers -

  • Bookings will be subject to a rigorous timing schedule – you must drop off/collect your pet within a 15 minute time slot that you are given when your appointment is confirmed.
  • If you use our collection/delivery service, we will pick up/drop off your dog within a 15 minute window agreed at the time the appointment is confirmed. You will be asked to put your pet into the collection van but remove your animal’s collar/harness and lead.
  • Failure to drop your pet off within the given time window may result in your appointment being cancelled (even if you subsequently turn up)
  • Failure to pick your pet up within the given time window may result in you being charged for any subsequent appointments that we need to amend/cancel to ensure cross-contamination risks are not jeopardised.
  • We recommend that you wash your hands before you enter our premises, hand sanitiser is available in reception if you wish to use it. All door handles are sanitised by staff between each customer.
  • When you bring your pet into reception please do as instructed by a member of staff which might mean you have to put your pet in a dog crate in reception or in one of the holding pens in the store room to the left of the reception area. This will be confirmed with you at time of booking of appointment. Please take your dogs collar/harness and lead away with you.
  • All bills will need to be settled over the phone prior to collection or by contactless payment. Cash will be taken if absolutely necessary if pre-arranged.
  • A member of staff will assist you as to how to collect your pet.
  • If for any reason there is another customer in reception when you arrive, please do wait either outside or in your car. Always remain at least 1 metre plus apart if walking past someone in the car park.
  • When inside the reception area, please do not go past the closed gate beside the desk.
  • Our staff will be using full PPE throughout including disposable gloves, aprons and masks.
  • We reserve the right to cancel appointments at any time (even if you have already brought your pet to our premises) if there is reason to believe that you have not complied with the instructions and that to fulfil the appointment would pose an unacceptable risk. The requirements are not onerous, and I hope you will understand how important they are to keep us all safe as we begin to relax the lockdown in a controlled fashion.

Rules/procedures for boarding customers -

  • As travel restrictions have now eased, there may be some customers who may wish to take advantage of our boarding facilities. Please note that any dogs taken in for boarding will be sprayed with an animal disinfectant spray on arrival or if you would prefer them to bathed we can do so (charges apply) .
  • We will not accept any personal items (leads, bedding, toys etc) except medication and food required for health reasons until further notice.
  • We understand some veterinary practices are still only undertaking emergency appointments but we would be grateful if you could try and ensure your dogs/cats vaccinations are up to date and we are required to see your vaccination certificate on each stay.
  • If you wish to book your animal in for boarding, please either give us a call or an email.
  • Similar procedures and timing requirements will apply as for grooming customers as set out above, but these will be discussed with you on a case by case basis and we will discussed with you when you make your booking.

Thank you for your continued patience during these unique and challenging times. We hope to see you and your pets soon.